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X8 Berlin.
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Key Facts.
Transparency as standard.

The building was designed by the London-based architectural practice RHWL Architects in 2004 and has been a landmark in the historic newspaper district for many years now. The unique glazed façade reflects the surrounding cityscape, and the interior is truly visionary. The eight adjacent courtyards offer free flow for creative thinking and a new form of interactivity. The newly conceived space in X8 creates extraordinary and highly flexible solutions not available in the same way anywhere else.

Approx. 26,000 sq m

available office space


bicycle stands


car parking spaces in the underground garage


light-filled courtyards


centrally located lifts

1.35 m

optimal fit-out grid

Discover your new level.

X8 Sky Level

X8 Sky Level.
The most attractive roof terraces in the whole of Berlin. Already hired out.

X8 Mix Level 3
X8 Mix Level 2

X8 Mix Level.
Maximum flexibility. Only one area left…

X8 Mix Level 1

X8 Mix Level.
Maximum flexibility. Only one area left…

X8 Next Level

X8 Next Level.
Open House. House-in-House. Next generation work flow over 3 floors: unique in Berlin.

On the level with the future.
And plenty of scope to develop.

The space in X8.Berlin offers just the right level of flexibility, which is critical to the corporate development of modern companies. The building’s adaptive floor layouts, state-of-the-art fit-out and all manner of opportunities for networking and communication embody the diversity of a new generation of future-oriented working practices.

Diversity is the new standard.

From the underground garage to the roof terrace, from the pharmacy to the restaurant, X8.Berlin offers an unparalleled palette of services for everyday living and working. The building fit-out is open-plan in its true sense and offers optimal pre-requisites for highly discerning tenants.

Next generation working.
Let your ideas run wild.

Hot-Spot on the pulse of the times.

When you say Berlin, what you really mean is Berlin-Kreuzberg: no other district in the city has more to offer and no other neighbourhood is attracting so many companies and such a talented workforce. The historic attractions from the various periods combine with modern flagship stores, smaller branded outlets, an exciting restaurant scene and one of the most popular workspaces in the world to make the location a magnet for innovators from many different countries. Berlin-Kreuzberg is where the digital elite come to meet. The question is not “where have you come from?” but “where do you want to get to?”.

Right in the centre of Berlin

At the digital focal point of Europe. At the heart of life.

Berlin is the place with all the answers to today’s digital questions - the kind of questions not yet being asked in other places. There are over 40,000 new company formations every year in Europe’s start-up capital. 270,000 new jobs are expected to be created in the period up to 2030 by the digitalisation of Berlin’s economy alone. It comes as no surprise that Berlin is one of the world’s Top 10 smart cities.

3.7+ million



population increase p.a.


newly registered
companies p.a.


new tech
companies p.a.


population growth over the last 10 years

Vibrant lifestyle.
And source of inspiriation.

No future without history.

At the end of the 19th Century, the southern area of Berlin-Friedrichstadt developed into the historic newspaper district, where the industrialisation process brought over 500 companies in the graphics, printing and publishing sectors to the neighbourhood. At the turn of the 20th Century, this had become the world’s largest newspaper quarter and in 1919 was one of the major scenes of the Spartacist uprising.

During the Second World War, the historic district was severely damaged by a wartime bombing raid on 3rd February 1945. The landscape also changed for ever with the construction of the Berlin wall. The area gained significant public attention when Axel Springer relocated his company headquarters from Hamburg to Berlin in 1967. In 1961, the construction site was the exit location of an escape tunnel used by Rudolf Müller and other escapees with the full knowledge of the company.

The digital age has seen the removal of many barriers. Disciplines are ever-changing and flexibility is now more important than ever. With the relocation of Axel Springer into its new company headquarters nearby, the historic complex has become a new hotspot for innovative working: X8.Berlin is opening up new perspectives in the heart of Europe’s start-up capital. This is the interface of digital spearheads in a transparent location unique in its contemporary working environment and quality of life.

X8.Berlin is totally unique.
Watch the film and see how…

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